Social Media “Bridging the Gap”

Social Media has done it again! It’s amazing to see the power of social media and the amazing stories that can come from what may seem small at first, eventually growing into something much bigger and worthwhile.

This is the story of Thandeka Masango and her 3 sisters from Witbank, Mpumalanga.

Her teacher posted a video of Thandeka singing on Tik Tok and it soongained traction, going viral and amassing over 3 million views. Her singing voice mesmerized the whole of South Africa, capturing the hearts of many, and leading to many calling out for assistance with her apparent overbite. Initially, the call for help was just for Thandeka, as she was the one pictured singing in the video, however, it was later discovered that she has three other sisters who also have the same overbite problem. The story then evolved from just being Thandeka’s story to that of quadruplets. The sisters have been bullied because of their appearance, called various hurtful names, and even likened to rats. However, this didn’t deter Thandeka from showcasing her singing talent which ultimately found its way to Sunset Dentistry’s doorsteps and afforded her and her sisters the help they needed. Sunset Dentistry caught wind of the story and it seemed as though it was a story written in the stars because this was exactly the type of case that Sunset Dentistry seeks to assist in with the Anti-bullying campaign. The girls were invited to Sunset Dentistry for a consultation and transported for Free for their first three visits, which coincidentally was the first time the girls ever travelled outside of Mpumalanga. The girls were treated at the Sunset Dentistry Kyalami branch and their initial consultation was inclusive of photographs, 3-D scans, Pan and Ceth x-rays, and a treatment plan. The quadruplets will soon be singing a new song and smiling wide without any hesitation or embarrassment.

The helping hand was further extended to the quadruplet’s mother, who was found to also have the same issue with her teeth as her daughters. She was consulted and given corrective treatment as well.

This began a s just a story of just one girl who touched many hearts with her enthralling voice, and it turned into a story of hope for her entire family, who are now all receiving treatment so that they can smile better and live life unencumbered by hateful words and bullying. This is a story of achievement for Sunset Dentistry because these are exactly the people we hope to reach and help. Our effort is bigger than just profit, it is to make South Africans smile and have those smiles trend as much as Thandeka’s voice. This story continues and Sunset Dentistry is honoured to be a part of something so beautiful.



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